Welcome to London Plantology!

London Plantology is London garden blog and online plants shop

I am Sasha and I am passionate about plants. I started this garden blog to share with you my gardening adventures. I am growing all my plants in a small backyard London garden. I am also on the waiting list for an allotment but it is a slow process.

I enjoy raising plants from seed as it allows me to learn about their natural environment and observe closely their growth habits. I like reading and doing research about rare and exotic plants and their history and try to find seeds and grow them, of course! Unusual edibles, like achocha, purple potatoes, heirloom drying beans, oca, and hardy perennials are on the top of my growing list. I have also planted a few fruit trees in my London garden as what is a garden without trees!

London Garden BlogI have practiced martial arts for many years and my Aikido training often takes me to foreign places. On my travels I am always on the lookout for plants which are not widely cultivated in Britain and I collect seeds to grow in the UK. I have tomatoes from La Spezia, Italy, dates from Israel and an elderberry bush raised from seeds found in the gardens of the Kyoto imperial palace. I am in love with Japan and Japanese plants by the way! My recent garden obsession is Hakonechloa Macra, Japanese forest grass, native to Hakone hot springs region near Mount Hakone in Japan. I am trying to propagate two varieties Beni-Kaze (Red Wind grass) and Nicolas.

I grow and cook 🙂 vegetables and share some of the recipes on my London garden blog. Chillies, tomatoes and beans are my favourite veg and I saved seeds of a few different varieties over the last few years.

I am interested in the recent Urban Jungle movement and in expanding my collection of houseplants as often as I can find unique specimen. Variegated Monstera is the indoor plant I love the most!

It has always been my dream to create an online plants shop where I can share some of the rare varieties, unusual seeds or plants I have tried and tested and know they perform well. Stay tuned as the online plants shop is coming on Etsy soon.

I am always behind the camera looking for the next botanical wonder! All photos on the London Plantology garden blog are my own. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram and you can send me a message here.